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Elite Muscle Mechanics, LLC

Your Home For Healthy Muscles And Joints

Muscle Activation TechniquesTM


Tight Muscles


Injury Prevention



Exercise Recovery

Weak Muscles

Injury Recovery

Muscle Imbalances

Joint Instability

Restoration of lost function





Post Surgical Recovery

Sore/Painful Muscles

Dr. Bill Brahm - Glastonbury

"I have been Josh's client for several years. At the beginning it was all about correcting a serious shoulder problem. It took several months and now its 100% ok! We then embarked on a generalized program of injury prevention and movement optimization. My pain-less golf swing and active dentistry practice are an ongoing testament to his "Magic Touch"."

Cindy - Glastonbury, CT

"Radiating pain down my right arm from a pinched nerve for a year. Back in the gym pain free...Thanks Josh!!"

Jill - Marlborough, CT

My 14 year old absolutely LOVES Elite Muscle Mechanics. Josh gave Anthony back his mobility from a ski injury! Your the best Josh, Thanks!

Karen - West Hartford, CT

"Before working with Josh, I was a candidate for knee replacement surgery with limited mobility and constant pain. The change has been incredible - I am able to do everything. I feel wonderful and am pain free for the first time in years with no medication. Josh is a true professional, his knowledge is impressive and it has been a pleasure to work with. I would be happy to give my recommendation to anyone who was interested."

Holly – Manchester, CT

“Recently I sustained a back injury putting me down on the floor, crawling to get to the bathroom! After a round of prednisone (prescribed) I dragged myself to Josh and he literally put me back together again. I walked out pain free avoiding treatment of an epidural injection of cortisone into my spine.”

Matt – Glastonbury, CT

“Since being in a car accident on 2/28/07 I have come to see Joshua for M.A.T.™. Every session I have left with increased strength and relief from the pain and limited mobility. Today I am completely pain free and feel very strong. Thanks Joshua”

Esther – Glastonbury, CT

“I have fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendinitis and bursitis so I’ve suffered with pain on a daily basis for years. From my first treatment with Josh I not only experienced immediate relief but it was long lasting too. I feel like a new person." Thanks Josh!!.