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Elite Muscle Mechanics, LLC

Your Home For Healthy Muscles And Joints


Are you like Chiropractors and Physical Therapist?

We are a complimentary or alternative modality to Chiropractic or Physical Therapy. We are not therapists who treat pain but are Specialists in the Muscular System.

Download a PDF explanation of Muscle Activation TechniquesTM

If you work on muscles, is that helpful to my joints, tendons or ligaments?

Yes, it is the role of the muscles to move joints through their range of motion, provide strength and stability to them. Muscles pull our bones via tendons to create movement at joints. Loss of movement is directly related to muscles but the stress from lost movement is often felt in our joints, tendons or ligaments.

Do you accept insurance?

In an effort to better serve our clients we do not accept insurance. It has been found that insurance companies dictate what we can do to help someone. Therefore, it is in everyone's best interest that we work for the client and not insurance companies.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes. All forms of payment are accepted.